Canza Golden Retrievers

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge for your puppies? What are your payment terms? 

Our puppies are priced at $2000 at 8 weeks of age over 8 weeks please see below. This price includes CKC Registration with a Non-Breeding Agreement, Vet Check, de-worming, the first set of vaccinations, Microchip and we send home a very large puppy information package which allows our families and puppies to get off on the right foot. We spend hours upon hours socializing and handling the puppies and in turn send home puppies that can handle almost anything thrown at them! Our puppies go home and settle in quickly (of course provided the family follows our tips on how to bring the puppy home and settle him in the first few days). We require a $600 deposit to hold a puppy for you with the balance due before the puppies go home that being said we DO NOT accept cheques the day the puppy goes home. If you wish to complete the payment process by cheque we require it no later than 2 weeks before the puppy goes home (To allow enough time for the cheque to clear the bank). We do have various other ways of accepting payment that are both convenient and easy to do!  

When it comes to shipping puppies buyers are responsible to all fee's associated to shipping the puppy including Fuel to the air port (2 hours one way), The crate and the airport charges. Sometimes we can combine delivering puppies to homes in Edmonton with dropping puppies off at the airport but if not then buyers are responsible for all these fee's paid up front! If the puppy and shipping costs are not paid in full before we leave the house.. We will NOT ship the puppy until all fees are paid.

What do you charge for your older adults that you are placing? Is this negotiable?

We charge anywhere from $1400-$2600 for the older puppies (that are over 8 weeks old) / adults that we place depending on the circumstances which surround us placing them. Sometimes we hold back puppies to see how they mature in comparison to an older sibling we have kept or even two litter mates we have chosen to run on and compare. These puppies have reached a point in training where we have spent hours training them. When a dog is omitted from a breeding program it does not mean they will not live a long and healthy life, it just means they have a genetic abnormality that we as breeders are not comfortable breeding. Nine times out of ten it DOES NOT alter the quality or quantity of life these dogs will experience. We have prices that are set in stone for our older puppies/ adults and we are firm on them. None of our prices on our dogs are negotiable and we do not play "bargain shop" very well as it is offensive.

When can we come and see the puppies? Why can we not come today?

Once the puppies are born we do not allow visitors until after 5 weeks of age. This allows our Momma dogs the chance to settle in and also allows us to keep the puppies safe from viruses and diseases which could easily be transferred to the puppies without any of us knowing we even have them on us. Even when going from dog to dog in our home we make sure to wash our hands before handling the puppies. We welcome visitors right up until a few days before mom is due to give birth so families can come out and visit with her and as well as the father (if he is available) But once the puppies are born we become very strict on having visitors.

When do you start waiting lists?

We can always add names to our waiting list for any future litters, this does not guarantee that we will have a puppy for you but it does put you are the top of the list for the next litter once the application process has been completed. If there is a specific male or female who interests you and you would like to be put on the waiting list for a potential puppy from them. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our upcoming litter plans!

When do I get to pick my puppy?

Quite frankly... You don't. We spend the most time with these puppies and get to know the personality best and are best able to match puppy to family. That being said we do not make our personal final decisions until almost 8 weeks of age our picks are always first along with any others that are heading to show homes. Depending on the litter these picks may not be made until 8 weeks of age at which point we will go over which puppy would best suit your family. I will not place a puppy that is too high energy with a family that is low key no matter how much you think one puppy is better suited for you vs the one I am willing to place with you. 

When is puppy pick up?

We require the puppies to go home between 8-9 weeks of age. We do not release puppies prior to 8 weeks of age as our vet checks are done around 7 weeks and 5 days of age. Any puppies held after 9 weeks of age will be charged an appropriate fee to accommodate our time, the extra food and training the puppy will receive. The day the puppies are ready to go will be discussed before a deposit is accepted.

Breeder expectations of buyer: 

As the breeder of these puppies it is our responsibility to ensure we are placing the puppies in the correct homes. I once had a family refer to me as providing a "service" in which I should be available and willing to hold onto a puppy for an additional 4 weeks (free of charge) as they were unable to pick up puppy even after having known the pick up day for two months! I WILL NOT accommodate this type of request and after trying so hard to please these people I decided enough was enough. It is one thing to let me know when you are first looking at the puppies and deciding whether or not this is the right litter for you as in most cases I have no problem hanging on to a puppy for an extra week or two but there will be incurred boarding charges for this. We are busy people who choose to put our lives on hold for 9 weeks to accommodate these litters of puppies and once the 9 weeks is up we have dog shows to attend and various events which we put on hold to have the puppies and raise them in a safe environment! This is a choice and it is ours to make. We expect our homes to be eager for the arrival of the little puppy and by 8-9 weeks we expect people to WANT to come and get the puppy. If you are not that type of home then these are not the puppies for you. I will say if it is talked about early on us holding the puppy for an extra week or two is not a problem but communication is key!