Canza Guardian Program

What is the Guardian program?

Occasionally we look to place a young puppy or adult into a home that will allow us access to them for breeding.

Guardian pups/ dogs are placed at a reduced rate of $2000.00


With females the incentive for having the partial purchase price returned in increments of $400 for females each litter produced usually we look to have 2 litters from our girls and after the second litter she is spay at our expense. In return the puppies get to reside with there permanent family from the get go and the families have a companion. Alternatively families may wish to take a puppy from the females second litter for the cost of $1500, taking a puppy does have certain litter requirements where there are at least 5 live puppies named on the litter registration the second puppy would not be part of our breeding program unless the family would be interested in continuing at which point there would be a long conversation about it and we pay to have mom spay! Families do have to part with the female for roughly 6 weeks (A week before they are due and until the pups are between 4 and 5 weeks old) but the few I have done like this have gone onto vacation and avoided having hefty boarding bills! 


With the males it is a little easier on families as they don't have to send the dog away for multiple weeks at a time.. We typically require them for 2-3 days at a time. Of course the incentive isn't as great with boys but we do return $150.00 per litter produced to no maximum.. When we are ready to retire the male (Between 6 & 7) we pay for his neuter and he lives his life with his people! 

Please note during the life of the dog we will continue with freezing semen collection so we can use the boys for years to come! We do not reimburse per freezing collection however it does give a family a unique opportunity to potentially get a puppy years down the road from their much loved companion! 

Distance requirements. 

We do prefer that families live within 6 hours of us to make transportation easier but we would consider a bit further for an exceptional home! (If families live further than 6 hours one way from us... we will require the additional commitment from them to transport the dog to meet us within our 6 hour circle so we can still make it work) Please do not let the distance be a discouragement for approaching us about joining our guardian homes as we are more than happy to attempt to accommodate most distances! 

The first two years.

The first two years are pretty much a normal life with your dog. We may ask you to do an eye clinic if there is one in your area just to ensure the eyes are healthy (this is an annual requirement that I will try to arrange for you!) Once the dog turns two we need to do hip and elbow x-rays and have the dogs heart checked.  We do ask that all of our families par take in obedience lessons to ensure the dog has training and I really do suggest that you do a few sets as it is such good learning! We give a few food choices that work really well for our dogs and we do require that the dog is fed one of the diets we recommend (this is for every dog we place)

We will try to do the 2 litters with a female between the ages of 2 and 4 (Usually once a year) unless you would prefer to have it done sooner but we do try to keep it to once a year. 


While we would love the opportunity to show our puppies in the guardian homes it is not a requirement we understand how busy life can get and we know that not everyone is home through the summer 


We offer free boarding for all of guardian families provided we are home and able to accommodate them but generally it works out if we get a heads up! (Our usual boarding fee for our pups is $20/day so it can be a significant savings we do require the dogs food) 

What if I work out of town?

The nice thing about the guardian family program is that if you work shift work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off or something similar and you are in our area... we can accommodate the dog here while you are away and it basically becomes a part time dog at both houses but this is a nice option for those who are working shift work and just not able to be home every night! 

I will be adding more to this page but I wanted to get it up and the information out there!